Artistic Director

Specialist Styles: Bellydance, Salsa, Samba, Hawaiian/Tahitian Hula

Andrea Boros

Andrea began her training in Hungary, and trained in many dance styles such as Belly dance, Bollywood, Hawaiian/Tahitian hula, Hawaiian Uli Uli rattle, Samba and Latin dances. Her dance style is smooth and sensual, combined with an elegance which makes her a unique and outstanding dancer.

Andrea Boros Full

Now based in London, she continues to develop her style and explore new dance avenues. Andrea performs regularly as a solo artist and also often collaborates with other artists at various venues all across the UK, including the O2 arena, Her Majesty's Theatre, Excel London, Hilton Metropolitan, Cumberland Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, Rakkas, Hippodrome Casino and many more. Andrea has performed internationally in several prestigious venues, such as Dubai Hilton, Sri Lanka, Isle of Wight and she is a regular guest performer in the Maldives, where she has performed to the Swarovski family and Presidents of many countries. 

As Artistic Director at Star Dancers UK, Andrea helps develop, train and co-ordinate our dancers for events and provides input into choreography and styling.