Performance Package details

Our performances are to a medley of songs suited to that particular style of dance. Typically we'd make either one or two appearances, performing for no longer than 5 minutes each time. We can also cater for a variety-style show, where the total performance time is longer, broken up into different acts.


Our group dance performances usually contain 3 dancers as a minimum. Your performance package can include any combination of group and solo dance acts.

We can also offer the following add-ons as part of your performance package:

  • 'Meet and Greet' - dressed in a style to suit your theme, our dancers can greet your guests as they enter your venue
  • 'Dancefloor Divas' - our dancers can stay on the stage / dancefloor after their performance and encourage your guests to get up and dance
  • 'Show Me How' - we can include an interactive workshop where your guests are taught a few moves and encourage to dance a simple routine
  • 'I Want To Dance' - we can provide a teaching video for you and your guests to learn a bespoke simple dance routine choreographed to music of your choice, for a performance at your event with or without our dancers
  • 'Flashmob Frenzy' - we can provide a short teaching video with a few simple moves to a song of your choice which you and selected guests can learn, so that you can surprise the other guests at your event by breaking out into synchronised dance moves when your music comes on.


We provide a two dancer package which we find works for most event spaces, and for events with anywhere from 10 to 300 guests. Within this package, we provide:

  • performances and costuming customised to suit your event theme
  • music to suit your event theme - requests are welcome
  • a 'Meet and Mingle' - our dancers will be dressed in costume to greet and welcome, mingle and chat, and have their photos taken with your guests.
  • two performances in up to two dance styles of your choice. Our performances can either be in the same dance style or two different dance styles.
  • an interactive element - either as part of our performances, encouraging guests to get up and dance at the end of our performances, or more formally as a 20 minute dance workshop in a style of your choice to teach your guests some moves.

Contact us for further information and a bespoke quote.


Through our professional experience, we have many contacts with a range of musicians (singers, bands, DJs etc) who are experienced in event entertainment. We are happy to provide dance entertainment to live music and can help you find the perfect dance and music entertainment package for your event. Please contact us with your requirements for more information and a quote.


We can provide a 45-60 minute dance variety show which takes the audience on a journey around the world through dance. Read more about our variety show offer here.


We provide a special dance entertainment package for residential care homes. Please contact us for more information.